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Parent App Invite Letter 2021


Welcome to our School...

As the Head teacher at The Heys School I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website that will hopefully give you a sense of life at our School.

We value the sense of family and community. Our vision for the school is ‘realising greatness’; we want every individual in our care to have the opportunity to realise their own greatness, whether that be on the sports field, in the choir, on the stage, in the computer room or in the science laboratory.


We have an uncompromising focus on ensuring our pupils receive the best possible learning experience and work tirelessly to ensure that our pupils are taught engaging lessons, which allow them to think outside the box and which instil in them a love for learning and an enquiring mind.

At The Heys School, we focus on pupils’ academic progress, however we also believe that it is equally important to develop the child as a whole.  We pride ourselves on the experience that our pupils receive and achieving the CEIAG Gold Award is very important to us as this means we can provide high quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) for our young people to ensure that they have best post-16 opportunities.  This highlights how committed we are to developing well rounded pupils who have a clear focus on their future goals and ambitions and to giving them the right guidance to help them achieve their dreams.

We promote a culture of high expectations, within a supportive environment, based upon our core values of, ‘Be Respectful, Be Kind, Be Determined’. These core values are intrinsic to the school; they form the basis of how we work together as a family and how pupils are rewarded for the fantastic things they do.

The Heys School is a dynamic and exciting place to work and learn.  We have a clear focus on ensuring that our students make good and sustained progress, regardless of their starting point.  We are so proud of the amazing things that our pupils achieve every day and we are constantly looking for new ways to celebrate their successes. 

We believe that education is a journey and we are committed to ensuring every pupil has the skills to meet the obstacles they face head on.  We believe in the importance of grit, perseverance and resilience and of showing our pupils the value of getting back up and trying again if they don’t succeed the first-time round.

If you haven’t visited the School, I would encourage you do so. I am in no doubt if you do you will see the care and support our students receive every day.

Miss R Evans