Committed to raising literacy standards across the curriculum

Prestwich Arts College defines literacy as the ability to communicate accurately and effectively through talk, reading and writing. Talk should be suitably adapted for purpose, using Standard English where necessary, and communicate a range of ideas clearly. Reading should be independent, varied, critical and discerning; writing should be suitably adapted for purpose and accurate in terms of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Prestwich Arts College is committed to raising literacy standards across the curriculum and we recognise that that all departments and all teachers have a crucial role to play in supporting students’ literacy development.

We aim to improve and progress the literacy of our students by having a designated focus during each half term. Information and activities about each literacy focus will displayed throughout the school and addressed during vertical tutoring, as well as being posted on the website. All teachers will incorporate the use of the literacy focus into their teaching, modelling and feedback to students, together with adhering to the whole school literacy marking symbols.

We invite parents to encourage their children to complete the activities on the website, working alongside the teachers at Prestwich Arts College in supporting the academic development of their children. The six Literacy foci for 2016-2017 are below.