Arbor Parent App

The Arbor App allows you to receive the latest messages from your child’s school, book parent/guardian consultation slots, track your child’s attendance and update the information that we hold about both you and your child, including consents. (NOTE: not all Arbor functions will necessarily be used by your school).

Download for IOS (Apple iPhone / iPad)

Download for Android (Google Play store)

Use the email address your child(ren)’s school has on their system for you, and if you haven’t been provided with a password, or simply can’t remember it, then click the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link on your login page to have a reset password email sent to you. *You don’t need to contact your school for a new password*.

If you are experiencing issues at this stage, click on the troubleshooter guide below for help:

Why can’t I log in?

IMPORTANT: Please allow notifications when installing the app. The notifications will alert you when you receive a message from the school.

The following guides will help you get the most from the Arbor App (note that your child’s school may have disabled some of the features).

Signing my child up for a club on the Parental portal