In Drama, we encourage our students to experiment, explore and express themselves through performance and to develop a lifelong appreciation of performance in all its forms.

The Heys School’s Drama curriculum allows our students to explore the world using multiple drama techniques through the concept of play.

We give students the opportunity to analyse and understand scripted work and performance by allowing them to respond practically to different stimuli. Our focus is to inform and educate in an entertaining and creative way.

The drama journey at The Heys focusses not only on theatrical skills and knowledge but also encourages students to develop as people and good citizens through the exploration of social issues and life skills such as teamwork, independence, confidence and communication. In our drama department we challenge students to work together and create with increasing levels of confidence and experimentation. Schemes of Learning are carefully sequenced throughout KS3 to then develop on in KS4.

Students who are captured by drama stay with drama. They leave our school as well-rounded members of the community with a vision for creativity as active members of society.

Year 7 students are taught Performing Arts for one hour a week in mixed ability classes.

Year 8 and 9 students are taught Drama for one hour per week in mixed ability classes.

At Key Stage 4, Drama is a subject that is taught as an option for 3 hours a week. Students follow Eduqas GCSE Drama. Key Stage 4 classes are taught in mixed ability groups.

The topics students cover throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 are outlined in the link below:

Curriculum Overview Performing Arts (2023-24) – Year 7

Curriculum Overview Drama – (2023-24) – Year 8 to Year 11

Long Term KS3 and 4 Scheme of Work



Year 7 Themes/Focus

Storytelling Theatre – Murder Mystery

Myths and Legends

Theatre in the Community (Madchester)


Year 8 Themes/Focus

Historical Drama

Theatre Studies 1 Lion King

Theatre in Education


Year 9 Themes/Focus

Theatre Practitioners

Theatre Studies 2





Year 10 and 11 Themes/Focus

Skills Development and Practitioner Awareness

Component 1 Devising Theatre

Component 2 Performing from a Text

Component 3 Interpreting Theatre


Drama Interventions work on an ‘open door’ policy – pupils can come at any time after school most days to work on coursework preparation or rehearse.


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