Business Studies

Business Studies is a popular GCSE course with a vocational twist.  The subject prepares students for  further learning and the world of employment through participation in group work, individual work,  research, educational visits, communication, investigating real companies and time management. 


Business Studies is part of the Personal Development Faculty which brings together a number of  related curriculum areas and enables a cohesive delivery of cross curricular areas.  Our aim is to develop the ‘whole child’ and our visionary approach enables us to develop pupil’s  confidence and self‐esteem, as well as equipping them with the skills needed to live a full & happy  life, both in and beyond school.  


GCSE Applied Business Studies – Single Award equivalent to one GCSE

Half Term 4


Pupils have the opportunity to get involved in Young Enterprise ‐ Running throughout one academic  year, students find out what it’s really like to set up and run a business. Students make all the  decisions about their company, from deciding on the company name and product to creating a  business plan, managing the company finances, selling to the public at trade fairs to ultimately  winding up the company and paying their taxes. All this takes place with the support of a volunteer  Business Adviser who brings a wealth of business knowledge and expertise.  

Three things you can do to help your child in the Subject

1. Share your work experience with your child to give them an insight into working life  

2. Encourage them to read business related articles in newspapers ‐ especially broadsheets  

3. Television programmes such as Dragon’s Den can also support their understanding on many  business related terms and topics