“The faculty is made up of 5 full time maths teachers who are all passionate about the subject and trying to ensure they deliver the content in ways that maximises the progress of the students they teach.


Lessons are made up of a range of tasks and activities, with a particular focus on retrieval practice, to try and ensure long term retention of key ideas. We seek to challenge all of our students in every lesson and do this through problem solving and reasoning activities as well as specific challenge and extension tasks designed to help pupils think and behave mathematically.”

Overview of the faculty 

Mr. R. Travers (Lead practitioner and head of faculty)

Miss L. Golding (Assistant head of faculty)

Mrs. A. Riley (Assistant head of faculty)

Mr. M. White (Teacher of maths)

Mr. D. Evans (Teacher of maths)


Maths is essential for everyday life and understanding our world. It is also essential to science, technology and engineering, and the advances in these fields on which our economic future depends. It is therefore fundamentally important to ensure that all pupils have the best possible mathematics education.

The maths faculty wants to provide all pupils with a positive, enjoyable and rewarding experience of maths. We believe that everyone can learn maths and will do our best to teach engaging and challenging lessons, pitched at the correct level to ensure all pupils can progress. We know how good it feels to solve a difficult problem and want every pupil we teach to enjoy that same feeling of success. We want to develop a culture where pupils are eager to try and where failure is simply a necessary step in becoming a better mathematician.

What is covered/Curriculum content: 

The curriculum is taught over 5 years leading to a GCSE in maths at the end of year 11 for all pupils. The curriculum is broken down into stages ranging from 5 to 11, rather than years. All pupils start on either stage 5, 6 or 7 after initial testing in year 7 and we aim to get through as many of the stages as possible by the time they do their exams in year 11. The further through the stages a pupil progresses the higher the grades they will be able to achieve.

We follow the Edexcel specification at GCSE. A copy of this can be found at:

Year 11 Video Tutorials

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