School Menu

 The Heys School meals offer great value for money and provide your child with a nutritious, tasty meal cooked fresh every day.


School meals are:


·         Nutritionally balanced to ensure they are low in fat, sugar and salt and high in vitamins and minerals – healthier than many packed lunches

·         Helping your child to concentrate throughout the day – a hot meal at lunch-time provides energy – as well as encouraging them to try new foods

·         Produced to a high quality using locally sourced and wherever possible locally produced ingredients

·         Helping your child to learn the social skills that eating and interacting with others brings



The Heys Kitchen team understand that fresh, attractive and tasty food is fundamental to young people’s health and academic achievement. We are committed to ensuring there is plenty of delicious, popular, innovative dishes that are freshly prepared from fresh ingredients daily.

We pride ourselves in sourcing ingredients of the highest quality, buying British, and local food wherever possible.

Our purpose is to provide students with high quality, healthy and affordable food choices, helping them to perform well in school.

Lunchtime service

The Heys school offers a wide range of food options at lunchtime which can be purchased as individual items or a complete meal deal, including:

·         a minimum of two choices of main course with vegetables or salad plus potatoes or alternative carbohydrate.

·         filled jacket potatoes

·         hot panini’s with various fillings

·         fresh soups

·         pasta pots with selection of sauces

·         home baked desserts plus fresh fruit

·         selection of fruit juices, milk shakes, water and school compliant flavoured fizz

The school menu runs on a three-week cycle which is changed twice a year to avoid repetition and introduce new dishes.

Early Bird Breakfast & Mid-morning break service

We operate an early bird Breakfast service from 8.00am plus a break time service offering a range of:

·         toast, cheese on toast, toasted bagels

·         sausage barms, sausage rolls

·         Porridge Pots – Flavoured & Plain

·         Pain Au Chocolate

·         fruit

·         water, juices


Our standard high school lunchtime meal deal costs £2.62 per day, which consists of a main dish, a bottle of water and a home-baked cake or cookie.




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