Are You Ready? Something Huge is happening this half-term. Attendance Matters!

Attendance Matters

At The Heys School, we place great importance on attendance as a key factor in academic success. Recent research has shown a positive correlation between attendance and achievement – the higher the attendance, the greater the chances of success. To ensure our students’ academic progress, we set an attendance target of 96% each year, and we expect all our students to achieve this. This target equates to no more than 7 days of absence per academic year.

We understand that life can be unpredictable, and sometimes, students may struggle with attendance due to a variety of reasons. Our Attendance Team is here to help! They monitor attendance daily and will provide additional support if needed. If your child is experiencing challenges with attendance, rest assured that a member of their Pastoral Team will reach out to you to discuss how we can help.

Evidence shows that the students with the highest attendance throughout their time in school gain the best GCSE and A Level results

We understand that persistent poor attendance can be a concern, and we want to work with you to find solutions. In such cases, we may refer the matter to Mrs Bowers, our School Attendance Lead, who will work with you to provide further support and guidance.

Please know that we are committed to supporting our students and families in every way we can. If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Together, we can help your child succeed!
We encourage parents to schedule medical appointments outside of school hours. If it is unavoidable, we recommend attending mid-morning clinics so that students can attend morning registration and return to school for the afternoon, ensuring their attendance is not affected.

To stay informed about your child’s attendance, please check the Arbor Parent App regularly.

At The Heys School, we reward students with good attendance and punctuality. We celebrate success and recognise the efforts of our students who prioritise their education.

The higher a pupil’s attendance, the more they are likely to learn, and the better they are likely to perform in exams and formal assessments.


If your child is absent due to illness or going to be late due to an appointment, it is expected that parents contact the school by 8.30 am on 0161 773 2052 each day. All medical appointments must be supported with an appointment card and wherever possible, illnesses supported with medical evidence, must be given to the attendance team on return to school.

Choose option 1 for absences, where you will either speak with a member of staff or be asked to leave a message on the answerphone. Please remember to leave your child’s s full name, form group and year group and reason for their absence.

Alternatively, parents can email into to report a child’s absence.

Any child still absent by 9.00am and where no contact has been received from parent/carer, will receive a phone call home from the Attendance team.

Contact Information

Support and guidance on school attendance is always available.  If you would like to discuss this or if you require any support with your child’s attendance, please contact the following:

Attendance Lead:  Mrs Bowers on 0161 772 4420, Mobile: 07311 440 813

Please encourage your child to attend school every day. Just 17 days absence from school a year could mean a drop in GCSE grades in all subjects.