IGO Travel Pass

Helping to save parents and children money on fares

Thank you for your assistance in reminding parents and children about the changes to concessionary fares. As a result of your support and co-operation parents and pupils have been kept informed and the introduction of the new fare tariffs has gone very well.

I am conscious, of course, that some children are now paying higher bus fares and I am writing today to offer some further information which may help them minimise the impact of these increases.

A significant number of bus companies in Greater Manchester offer different ticket products to cover multiple journeys, such as daily and weekly tickets. Buying these tickets can often give parents a lower per-journey cost than simply buying a single-journey or return ticket.

To help parents find the ticket package that best suits them I have attached a list of all bus companies operating in Greater Manchester that offer one or more products. The list is interactive so you can post it to parents via email or put it on your school’s website, enabling people to click through to the information they need.

Parents can also consider a SystemOne ticket. These are tickets which are valid on almost all bus services across Greater Manchester and accepted by most bus companies. This ticket might be helpful to parents if their child uses more than one bus company or where their bus operator does not have their own multiple ticket available.

By way of a reminder, anyone aged between 11 and 16 years old will need to show an igo travel pass from May 16 if they want to prove they are eligible for the child concessionary fare on buses.  If any of your students do not yet have an igo pass, they should pick up an application form from one of our bus stations, from one of our Travelshops or download the form from our website: www.tfgm.com/igo.

For further information on ticket prices, view PDF provided below.