Lead Practitioner: Mr L Monaghan

Our key aim in English is to develop our students’ verbal and written communication so that it can be adapted to a range of styles, purposes and audiences, with accuracy, clarity, creativity and confidence. Of equal importance is the role of literature and reading to provide our students with the opportunities to: debate controversial issues in a safe space; develop empathy and social and emotional literacy; explore complex relationships; cultivate their own views of the world around them and underpin them with indispensable knowledge and experiences which will open their eyes to ideas they may never had experienced. Above all, we want to create the next generation of readers, providing them with the skills, knowledge and experiences to thrive in the modern world.




Mr L Monaghan English/ Lead Practitioner
Mr R Higson English
Mrs G Jackson


Mrs K L Sibbit

English/Lit coordinator / NTPD facilitator