The Heys School regularly uses Twitter to share news or information about school events, celebrate the successes of student groups or individuals from the school community.  We also share information regarding careers, transition, mental health and online safety amongst other things and follow a wide range of local organisations such as sixth form colleges.


Please follow our school Twitter feed by downloading the app or visiting Twitter and adding to it to your favourites.  You do not need an account to do this though access is better if you do set one up.

We would love all of our students, parents, carers, staff and friends of the Heys School to follow us and offer their support and comments on school life.  Our school Twitter handle is @SchoolHeys.

All of our faculties have their own twitter feeds as well so they can share information relating to their own subject areas.  These are listed below:

  • Maths: @MathsHeys
  • English: @EngHeys
  • Science: @SciHeys
  • Humanities: @HumHeys
  • Modern Languages: @MFLHeys
  • The Arts: @ArtsHeys
  • Technology@ @TechHeys

We also have Twitter feeds for some other aspects of school as a means of sharing information with parents / carers and students:

  • SEND: @InclusionHeys
  • Careers: @CareersHeys
  • Transition: @TransitionHeys
  • PSHE: @PSHEHeys
  • Mental Health and Safeguarding: @Schoolheysmhsg

Please join the Twitter revolution as we continue to develop this as a positive means of communicating with all members of the Heys School Community!