Gateway Suite

Whatever your taste we have the right book for you

The Gateway Suite is also open before school and during break. Study Studio is held in the Gateway Suite on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:15 – 4:15. Help is available with both coursework and homework. You can use the Gateway Suite before and after school, as well as break and lunchtimes. Each Year Group has its own day.

MondayYear 713:00-14:00
TuesdayYear 813:00-14:00
WednesdayYear 913:00-14:00
ThursdayYear 10 & 1113:00-14:00
FridayYear 10 & 1113:00-14:00

How to borrow

Borrowing from the Gateway Suite is easy. Just bring your chosen resource to the issue desk and we will do the rest. You can borrow two items for two weeks each and can renew them for long periods if you want. You can also request and reserve books that have been borrowed by another user.



Whatever your taste the Gateway Suite has the right story for you. If you are hard to please or can’t decide have a look at our great book reviews placed around the library to give you some inspiration.

Non Fiction

This area covers all subjects studied in school as well as information for your hobbies and interests outside of school.


This section contains our Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Atlas and subject guides all at your fingertips. Whats more, the books in the reference section are not allowed to be borrowed which means they are always available when you need them.

Journals and Newspapers

Keep up with al the latest news in Prestwich and around the world. The Gateway Suite takes daily newspapers, two weekly local papers and over ten educational journals to support the curriculum.

CD Roms

Search a years worth of newspapers or watch the Battle of Hastings unfold in front of you. A whole new world of information is available on CD Roms held in the Gateway Suite.

Revision Guides

The Gateway Suite stocks a large selection of Revision Guides for GCSE and Key Stage 3. All subjects are covered and can be purchased for half the retail price.

The Internet

The School’s broadband connection will allow you to traverse the internet for research purposes, while a colour printer is available to print out your findings. Be sure to ask for the website address book to give you a head start with your research.