PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education). The courses we offer are relevant and respond to the needs of employers, to ensure our young people achieve success in the world of work. Our courses are delivered by subject-specialists who have high expectations and a rigorous approach.

Overview of the faculty 

Mr M Jackson – Lead Practitioner of Humanities

Mr M Rushton – AHOF (Lead of History)

Mrs J Leary – Lead Teacher for Citizenship

Miss D Rundle – Head of Year: Teacher of Sociology, Health and Social Care, PE and Citizenship

Miss C Phillips – Responsible for Peer Mentor initiative and Extracurricular Activities: Teacher of History

Miss A Richardson – Teacher of Geography

Mrs I Davis – Teacher of Geography and Travel and Tourism

Mrs J Wright – Teacher of Citizenship

Mr D McKeown – Lead Practitioner for Behaviour and Welfare: Teacher of Sociology, Health and Social Care and Citizenship

Mr P Taylor – Assistant Head Teacher: Teacher of History


We aim to nurture global citizens who explore complex issues of the past, present and future; to become resilient lifelong learners who have the skills, knowledge and values to succeed in a dynamic modern society.

What is covered/Curriculum content: 



Y7Map SkillsCoastsWhere in the worldWeather and Climate
Y8EcosystemsSettlementsShake rattle and rollClimate change
Y9Development GapRiversGlobalisation 


Y7History SkillsRoman BritainNorman ConquestWilliam the ConquerMedieval Plague and ProtestMedieval England
Y8England ReformationTudors and Religious ConflictElizabethan EnglandEnglish Civil WarIndustrial RevolutionBritish Empire
Y9Transatlantic Slave TradeWW1 CausesWW1 PeaceRise of DictatorsHolocaustStruggles for equality

Personal Development

Y7Rites of PassageDemocracyMoneyRules of ReligionRelationships 
Y8Behaviours and BeliefsPrecious LibertiesConflict and ReligionRelationships  
Y9Morals and ReligionHuman RightsMoneyActive CitizenshipDoes God ExistRelationships


Sociology AQA 8192

Y10ApproachesResearch MethodsFamilyEducation
Y11Crime and DevianceSocial stratification  

Travel and Tourism Pearson BTEC

Y10The UK Travel and Tourism SectorThe UK Travel and Tourism Destinations
Y11Travel and Tourism Customer ExperienceFactors effecting worldwide Travel and Tourism

Geography AQA 8083

Y10The Living WorldFieldworkChallenges in Urban EnvironmentResource Management
Y11CoastsRiversChanges in the Economic WorldNatural Hazards

History AQA 8145

Y10America 1920-70Conflict and Tension
Y11Elizabethan EnglandPower & People

Citizenship Edexcel 1CS0

Y10Living together in the UKDemocracy at work in the UKLaw and Justice 
Y11Taking Citizenship ActionPower and Influence  

Health and Social Care BTEC Tech

Y10Human lifespan developmentHealth and wellbeing
Y11Health and Social Care services